Getting a fair outcome

Criminal Offenders: Tips to Handling Yourself Appropriately When Attending Court for the First Time

If you have never been to court for a criminal offence, you can easily get into more trouble through inappropriate behaviour. Whether you actually committed the crime or not, there is standard behaviour that you need to exhibit in court for the sake of the proceedings and self-dignity. Ideally, your criminal lawyer should brief you on how to carry yourself around in the courtroom, although this may not be possible at all times. Read More 

3 Protective Actions To Take After Your Baby Is Born

When you have a baby, you make lots of decisions about the practical side of raising a child as well as lots of plans about the kind of parents you will be. However, have you considered the following important actions that will protect your baby's well-being in the future?   Take out Health Insurance Children can suffer many problems during their growing years -- some minor, some more serious. Private health insurance affords you benefits over using the public system. Read More 

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Getting a fair outcome

When my friends make lawyer jokes, I just shake my head. Lawyers help our clients to get fair and equitable outcomes in and out of court and there is nothing more Australian than a fair go. With large and small clients coming in with new problems each day, I never quite know what the new day will bring, but that's the great thing about being a lawyer. Legal practise is always changing, always challenging and always rewarding. The one thing that stays the same no matter what the case details is that our focus is on getting the best outcome for our client.