Getting a fair outcome

A Guide On The Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing typically refers to the legal process you undertake when transferring real estate. Unfortunately, most property buyers are not interested in the technicalities and legal procedures conveyancers conduct as they buy property. However, understanding these processes goes a long way in preventing oversights that could land you in a legal or financial crisis. Below is a detailed piece on the conveyancing process.  As a buyer, you need a conveyancer representing your interests during the purchase. Read More 

What Is an Identification Parade, and When Should You Hesitate to Participate?

An identification parade is a line of people who look alike, one of whom is a suspect in a crime. The victim looks at the parade to pick out the person they think is the suspect. These identification parades have been very helpful and are recognised as essential in many court cases. If you are asked to participate in an identification parade, either because you're a suspect or because the police think you look similar enough that they want you to be one of the others in the room, you don't have to say yes. Read More 

How Conveyancers Can Help You Save Property Buying Costs

Besides handling the legal paperwork when transferring property, conveyancers also help you make significant savings when buying property. Continue reading this article to learn how a conveyancer can help you save cash as you buy your next property.  Appraisal Most property buyers appraise property based on its size, location and amenities. In most cases, this predisposes them to buy overpriced property. Conveyancers conduct thorough, in-depth analyses to ensure that the property is reasonably priced. Read More 

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Getting a fair outcome

When my friends make lawyer jokes, I just shake my head. Lawyers help our clients to get fair and equitable outcomes in and out of court and there is nothing more Australian than a fair go. With large and small clients coming in with new problems each day, I never quite know what the new day will bring, but that's the great thing about being a lawyer. Legal practise is always changing, always challenging and always rewarding. The one thing that stays the same no matter what the case details is that our focus is on getting the best outcome for our client.