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Divorce: Why You Need An Experienced Family Lawyer

Making the final decision to divorce your partner can be a stressful, traumatic and highly emotional time, where you may be vulnerable to making poor decisions and experiencing errors in judgment.  Whilst there are other options if you are considering a divorce—for example, self-representation, mediation or collaboration—hiring an experienced family lawyer is by far your best option.  Here's why:

Risk Mitigation

By far the most obvious benefit of hiring a family lawyer is risk mitigation.  A family lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of family law, including a detailed knowledge of child custody and protection laws and marital asset distribution.  This essentially means that when you are mounting your case, you will receive well researched, detailed and factual 'cover all bases' advice.  Being equipped with this advice ensures you have the best chance of securing the best deal for you, both financially and emotionally.

In addition to securing you the best deal, hiring a family lawyer also ensures that you have realistic expectations of costs, timeframes and potential outcomes of your case.  As such, you will have a far better understanding of the process, and be able to manage your stress and expectations accordingly.

Unbiased View

If you case goes to court, it is often the requirement that an impartial or third party view is given on behalf of both representatives to ensure that the case is heard in a timely, effective and factual manner.  If you chose to self-represent in court, you risk exposing yourself to huge losses due to presenting an emotionally tainted—and often irrational and illogical—representation of your situation. 

Emotional Support

Research shows that a divorce can not only be significantly stressful, but it can also lead to long term health problems like post-traumatic stress disorder.  As such, it is critically important that you receive emotional support from an expert who has had years of experience and training in these types of situations.

In addition to emotional support, family lawyers have in-depth knowledge of various support services that may be available to you, such as counselling and other support groups.  These services ensure that you are connected to people who understand your situation and can support you through this difficult time.  

Given the extremely high stakes involved in a divorce, it is of paramount importance that you consult with a family lawyer like Freedom Family Law to ensure that you secure the best deal for you, financially and emotionally, and feel supported and informed in the process.

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Getting a fair outcome

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