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Got A Personal Injury Case? Find Out If You Can Take Legal Action

Have you been involved in a situation that left you injured, physically, emotionally or psychologically? Have you experienced loss, pain or trauma as a result of that injury? Did that particular incident occur because someone else was negligent? If you can relate to these questions, you may be a victim of personal injury. Personal injury is a common occurrence, but one that you can seek legal recourse for. By filing a claim with a personal injury lawyer, you can seek justice and get compensated for your loss, trauma or injuries.

Below, find a description of the most prevalent forms of personal injury:

1.Car accidents

Car accidents are common, with a good share of them being caused by other people's fault. You may have a personal injury claim if the other person involved in the accident has a faulty vehicle, has no driving license, was high on drugs, was on the phone during the accident, may have been distracted by something, was driving the wrong way, etc. A car accident personal injury case may also arise if a pedestrian was at fault causing the accident, or if the road had a bad sign or poor construction that led to the same.

2.Product defects

If you buy a product and it turns out that the product is not effective, or healthy, due to the manufacturer's fault, then you have due reason to seek a personal injury claim. This can happen if the product was expired, was poorly made, was not made to your requested specifications, had pertinent ingredients that were not listed on the packaging (e.g. products that you are allergic to), etc. Examples include a car with a faulty braking system or a house with asbestos material.

3.Professional malpractice

You can also get injured due to poor service from a professional provider, e.g. a dentist, doctor, swimming instructor, etc. If you seek such a service and you end up being hurt or losing money because of their poor judgment, direction, negligence or intent, then you can seek a personal injury lawyer and take legal action against them. Examples include a mechanic that does not repair your car well or a pharmacist that prescribes the wrong medication.


Assault, too, whether physical or verbal, qualifies to be a personal injury issue. This can be at work or in public. Applicable assault incidents include, but are not limited to, physical harm, verbal assault, sabotage, and bullying. These incidents can be crime-related, confrontation-based, anger-related, or otherwise.

5.Injuries at the work place or in public places

Injuries in public and at work count too. These may come about due to faulty machinery, broken furniture, poorly-constructed fixtures, lack of proper safety equipment or lack of proper signage. 

Does your situation resonate with any of the cases above? If so, seek a personal injury lawyer, such as those at RAMSDEN LAWYERS, file a claim and receive compensation to help with your treatment, rehabilitation or income loss.

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