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5 Questions To Ask Your 24-Hour Country Process Server

Process servers are your best bet when you need to deliver court papers to a respondent. 24-hour country process servers are considered highly effective since they deliver the documents within a day. As a rule, you should conduct due diligence before engaging a process server. The article below details some questions you can use to interview a process server. They will help you establish the server's ability to deliver quality services. 

1. What Is Your Operating Area? 

It is essential to know the process server's operating area. It will enable you to determine if they can deliver the papers to the respondent's location. As you make this inquiry, ask the process server about their licensing and accreditation status. Check the process server's reviews. It enables you to rate the quality of services that they provide. 

2. What Method Will You Use?

Process service can either be by hand or by mail. Hand service is most preferable since it guarantees that the respondent received the papers. However, if you intend to serve the respondent's lawyer, you could call them and inquire if they accept service. If they do, you can ask the process server to send the documents via post. 

3. How Do You Locate Respondents?

Depending on the issue at hand, the respondent could go into hiding to delay the legal process. For example, a debtor could go into hiding to avoid repaying a loan. In this case, the process server should go to all lengths to locate the respondent. For instance, they should contact local police and the respondent's close family and workmates. The process server should keep a record of all efforts used to locate the respondent. You will use this information to ask the court to allow you to use alternative means of service. For instance, you could send the documents via email. If the respondent is incarcerated, the process server should understand the legal process of serving court documents to prisoners. 

4. Do You Sign Affidavits? 

Once the process server delivers the papers, they are required to sign an affidavit indicating how they delivered the papers. The affidavit will be used as evidence that the respondent received the court documents if they do not acknowledge that they received the documents. 

5. What Is Your Pricing?  

It would be wise to check the market rates of several process servers before negotiating your server's quote. Ideally, the comparison will let you know the prevailing market rates, thus giving you an upper hand as you bargain. Most process servers will provide discounts to first-time clients to build trust and encourage loyalty. 

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